Oliver Schönqvist.

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I wish everyone a great easter! X. blkdnm

Update 2.

Ok so yesterday I ate like 250kcal. Now the hunger pains begin to come slowly. Still no lack of energy doe. Xx

Update 1.

Ok so it’s afternoon now and my intake has been 231kcal. Trying to make the first days land on like 500kcal a day. I have a bad cold ATM so I’m not gonna be able to train today.

Anyway, still no hungerpains, i know they r gonna come doe.

Much love. Oliver.

gingerdope asked: dude, you sure you want to put yourself at such risk? stay safe!

Yeah.! I think we need more of these experiments to show the world that living on minimum isn’t good or fun at all. So that we stop putting super skinny persons on a pedestal and start appreciate the good things in life instead. I’ve had (have) an eating disorder once, and I know it’s hell. I just want to show everyone day by day how it destroys your body. Both psychically and mentally! Much love gingerdope! Xx Oliver.